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Our telehealth services bring the doctor to you

Now you can consult with medical practitioners and professional caregivers from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

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Sticking closer to home these days? This season even the common cold can cause concern. So, Bright HealthCare is offering you an expanded selection of telehealth services available through your primary care providers and our partnership with Doctor On Demand (NormanMD in Austin, TX).

These one-on-one internet and telephone consultations are a great alternative to urgent care or same-day doctor visits, and available for a wide variety of needs – including COVID-19 assessments, cold or flu symptoms, digestive ailments or urinary tract infections, acne or other skin conditions, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.*

Option 1: Primary Care Providers

Contact your Bright HealthCare primary care providers to ask about their options for “virtual visits.” Don’t have a primary care doctor? Call Member Services at 855-827-4448 (TTY: 711) or select one in your Member Hub.

Option 2: Doctor On Demand

If your doctors don’t offer telehealth services, Doctor On Demand may be a perfect alternative. They’re a respected leader in online healthcare consultation. Just follow the steps below.

Dr on Demand

Sign up now before you need a doctor

Step 1     Visit Doctor On Demand to create your profile and log in

Step 2     Choose Bright Health as your Insurance Provider

Step 3     Select the reason for your visit, then meet with your selected provider


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Norman MD Telehealth
Norman MD Telehealth

Austin, TX Members

For those times your PCP isn’t available, we’ve partnered with NormanMD. Get virtual care in minutes for things like COVID-19 assessments, prescription refills, minor injuries, or quick questions for a doctor about general health or medication. Sign up now, so you’re all set when you need to use it.


Telehealth prescriptions
Telehealth prescriptions

Prescriptions are also available

Doctor On Demand can also prescribe medications deemed appropriate for pick-up or delivery through your local in-network pharmacies. Most e-prescriptions can also be made available the same day.

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*All telehealth services (online and virtual care) obtained in connection with COVID-19 testing and diagnosis are now covered at no cost to our members. Telehealth visits for concerns other than COVID-19 are covered at the same rates as regular doctor visits. Testing for other purposes, such as return to work and checking one’s antibody levels, are not covered. If you choose to use a telehealth provider other than Doctor On Demand you may be required to pay up front and submit a claim to be reimbursed by Bright HealthCare.

Bright HealthCare has partnered with Doctor On Demand to provide telehealth services to our members in a way that complies with our Certificates of Coverage and applicable state law. Doctor On Demand provides many telehealth and in-person services, but you do not have to use Doctor On Demand for your telehealth services. You may choose any in-network provider that offers telehealth services. Examples of in-network providers are providers that we contract with to accept Bright HealthCare insurance, such as your primary care provider, treating specialist, or organizations that provide medical care, such as a clinic or health facility.

Before you see an out-of-network provider for in-person or telehealth services, check the coverage guidelines in your Certificate of Coverage. There, you can read about how your costs and balance billing protections change when you use an out-of-network provider instead of an in-network provider.