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$0 goes farther

$0 goes farther for you and your family

Get a plan with awesome benefits so you can get the care you need and avoid unexpected costs.

$0 Deductible Plan Options

$0 deductibles are available on at least one gold, silver, and bronze plan

$0 Everyday Care

At least one $0 primary care visit on most plans, plus unlimited telehealth and mental health visits*

$0 Generic Prescriptions

50 prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines are available at no cost*

$0 Specialist Visits

At least one $0 visit is available on one gold, silver and bronze plan

Cash Rewards

Members can earn up to $500 per year for taking healthy actions*

Dental and Vision

Coverage for kids on all plans, and adult coverage on at least one gold, silver and bronze plan

Plan tiers mystery

Taking the mystery out of Plan Tiers

So, what’s the difference between bronze, silver and gold plans anyway? Let’s break it down so you can better compare your plan options.

Keep in mind

Make sure to keep these two things in mind:

How often do you usually go to the doctor?

How much predictability do you need for medical costs?


Gold Plans

Generous coverage & predictable costs

Best for: People who expect to use their coverage often: ongoing prescriptions, frequent provider visits, etc. Most benefits have copays, so costs are more predictable.


Silver Plans

Moderate premiums and costs

Best for: Those who expect to use their plans occasionally and would like lower deductibles and more benefits than a Bronze plan.


Bronze Plans

Lower premiums & higher costs with use

Best for: Healthy individuals who want to minimize their monthly premiums and are comfortable with the risk of a higher deductible in the event of a high-cost health incident.


Catastrophic Plans

Lowest premiums

Best for: Those under age 30 who desire low premiums and expect minimal medical incidents. Coverage includes 3 primary care visits, then no other benefits until the maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) is reached.

Ready to shop

Ready to Shop?

Not sure which plan to choose? We’re here for you!

We know looking through plan options can be confusing, but we know some great people who can talk you through it.


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Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Now you can use HRA dollars from your employer on Individual & Family health insurance from Bright HealthCare.

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Off exchange

Off-Exchange Plans

You can purchase a Bright HealthCare plan directly from us, or through your agent – outside of the ACA exchange.

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*Benefits listed are not included on all plans. Contact Bright HealthCareTM to see if you qualify.
*$0 telehealth and $0 mental health are not applicable in California, nor are they included on all plans.
*Enrolled members can earn up to $500 for completing actions. Actions to obtain rewards are optional and aren’t a requirement to retain enrollment. Members who reside in California can earn up to $200 in rewards per year.
*Pediatric dental coverage is included with all Bright HealthCareTM Individual & Family Plans for children up to age 19.

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