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More people are discovering just how bright the future of healthcare can be. When quality healthcare is accessible, easy and affordable, everyone wins.

Bright Health BBB Rating A+
Bright Health BBB Rating A+


We've worked hard to build a different kind of care experience that people love. The Bright Health ratings and reviews tell the story.

What people are saying

It might seem rare to hear people so positive about their health insurance company and their insurance plan. But the right customer service and member support can be powerful. Read real reviews from real people who are really happy with Bright HealthCare.

Best thing I ever did for me.

Kati E.

I highly recommend this company.

Jane T.

What are Bright Health reviews?

Bright Health reviews are real feedback from real customers. Bright HealthCare works with Care Partners – a carefully curated network of doctors, clinics and hospitals – to provide a higher quality healthcare experience while saving customers money.

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Stories about health insurance and insurance products are all over the news. But when you take special care of your members, doctors and care partners, you really stand out in the headlines. Read about the Bright HealthCare difference:

Forbes In the News

Bright Health is the latest health insurer to announce plans to sell private Medicare Advantage plans in several new markets, hoping seniors flock to such coverage following federal rule changes that allow plans to offer more benefits.

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WSJ In the News Reviews

Health-insurance startup Bright Health Inc. said it has raised $635 million in a venture-capital financing that pushes its total equity funding to more than $1 billion. The company, led by Chief Executive Bob Sheehy, offers individual, family and Medicare Advantage plans.

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Business Insider Reviews

Bright said it generated $145 million in revenue in 2018, in line with the company's expectations, on the plans it operated in Colorado, Alabama, and Arizona. On a net basis, after factoring in risk adjustments, its revenue was $124 million.

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Star Tribune Reviews

Bright Health’s rapid growth since its founding four years ago "shows that consumers are hungry for a new health care model that is simple, personal and more affordable," Bright Health CEO Bob Sheehy said in an announcement.

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We aim to take the confusion and chaos out of the process and build benefit-packed plans that still deliver surprisingly low rates.

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We use smart tools and technology to simplify health insurance for all of us.

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We work hand-in-hand with a carefully curated network of doctors, clinics and hospitals to provide the best healthcare at the best possible price.