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COVID-19 Billing Codes


To increase access to diagnostics and fight the spread of illness, we have updated our coverage policy to cover services obtained beginning the earlier of regulatory requirements or 3/1/2020. For more information, please visit Bright HealthCare in the Payer Spaces area of and click on the “COVID-19 Billing Updates” document.

File claims electronically through for immediate confirmation and easy tracking!


IFP Resources


Register for Payments:

Bright HealthCare uses VPay to process Commercial (Individual & Family Plan) claims payments. VPay meets state and federal requirements for electronic payments and is HIPAA compliant.

You are automatically enrolled in VPay. No paperwork is required to receive a claim payment via the VCard. Providers can opt-out or choose not to accept the VCard at any time by contacting VPay customer support.

VPay will deliver the 16-digit VCard number and the EOB via fax or mail. The VCard functions like a standard debit card. Manually enter the 16-digit card number, the security code, the expiration date, and the amount. Standard credit card processing fees apply.

You can contact VPay to discuss payment and remittance options or change to a different payment option, such as paper check or EFT. Please note that VPay charges a $1.50 fee per transaction for EFT deposits.

For information on alternative payment options, call VPay at 877-714-3222 or email

File a claim (All Markets Except Statewide NE):

Bright Health Plan

PO Box 16275

Reading, PA 19612-6275

Payer ID CB186


File a claim (Statewide NE):

Midlands Choice

PO Box 5809

Troy, MI 48007-5809


Medicare Advantage Resources


Register for Payments:

Bright HealthCare uses Payspan to process Medicare Advantage claims payments. Payspan meets state and federal requirements for electronic payments and is HIPAA compliant.

Follow these simple steps to get set up:

First, register for Payspan:

If you do not have a registration code: Visit the Payspan registration page at and complete the form. Payspan will email you your registration code within 48 hours of your request.

When you receive a response, follow the instructions to sign up with your code.

If you already have a registration code:

Visit and click Register. Enter the registration code and click Submit.

Don’t forget to verify your account:

After you register for electronic payments, you will receive a deposit of less than one dollar from Payspan within a few business days. Once you receive the deposit, complete the following:

1) Contact your financial institution for the deposit amount.

2) Log into your Payspan account and click “Your Payments.”

3) Click the Account Verification link to enter the exact amount of the deposit from Payspan.

For support, call Payspan at 1-877-331-7154, and select option 1 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm, ET) or email

Submit refunded checks:

Bright Health Plan

Provider Refunds

PO Box 853960

Richardson, TX 75085-3960


File a Claim:

Bright Health Medicare

PO Box 853960

Richardson, TX 75085-3960

Payer ID BRT01

Waiver of Liability Statement


Questions? Contact Bright HealthCare Provider Services:


Individual and Family Plans Call: 866-239-7191

Medicare Advantage Plans Call: 844-223-8380