Bright Health Vision & Hearing Benefits

Bright Health Plans cover Hearing and Vision Benefits to Members

With Bright Healthcare you get access to thousands of hearing and vision providers to make it easier for you. Here’s some information to help you know what’s covered.

Hearing Placeholder
Hearing Placeholder

Hearing Benefits

This year, Bright Health is partnering with TruHearing to give you access to the best network and highest quality, top performing hearing devices

  • Over 7,000 providers
  • $0 copay for annual hearing exam
  • $0 copay for fitting evaluation
  • Access to TruHearing’s Advanced and Premium Product Lines
    • Advanced: Superior hearing in most environments ($149 or $699 Copay per pair depending on plan)
    • Premium: Highest-level hearing in all sound environments and rechargeable options ($999 Copay per pair depending on plan)
Vision Placeholder
Vision Placeholder

Vision Benefits

To give you the best vision care possible, Bright HealthCare partners with EyeMed. Check out what this means for you:

  • Over 34,000 locations and 131,000 unique providers
  • $0 copay annual routine eye exam and retinal imaging     
  • Up to $335 allowance on frames, lenses and contacts       
  • Benefit renews annually
  • Online scheduling available with many providers

More Medicare Advantage benefits you'll want to take advantage of:*

  • Stellar dental benefits, including Dental Benefits
    • Bi-annual oral cleanings at no cost to you 
    • $0 copay for for all in network preventive services (exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment, dental Xrays)
    • Low or no copays on major dental procedures
    • No Annual Maximums
    • No deductible/no waiting period to use benefit
  • $0 copay Annual Wellness Visit
  • Telemedicine services (primary/urgent care and mental health) through DocSquad DocSquad
  • MA plans with transportation included will have unlimited rides to approved locations in 2021 Transportation

*Information reflects the current plan year. The information displayed in this website is not a complete description of benefits. Please create an account on the Member Hub to see your full Summary of Benefits.