Bright Health Dental Benefits

Enjoy free exams and x-rays plus access to expanded in-network dentists within 5 miles of your home!

With Bright Healthcare and their partners, you have great coverage and access to care through their extensive network. There are hundreds of dental providers in each market; in fact, 95% of Bright HealthCare members have an in-network dentist within 5 miles of their home!

MA Dental Liberty
MA Dental Liberty

What sets us apart

  • Nationwide dental service provider
  • 100’s of providers available in each market
  • Call Center open Mon-Fri from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST
  • Bilingual CSRs available
  • Summary of Benefits will be available on our Member Hub
MA Dental Overview
MA Dental Overview

Your key dental benefits:

  • Bi-annual oral cleanings at no cost to you 
  • $0 copay for all in network preventive services (exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment, dental Xrays)
  • Low or no copays on major dental procedures, including implants
  • No Annual Maximums!

Getting Started

  • Go directly to Liberty’s customized dentist finder or if you prefer, access it from the Member Hub
  • Need help? Call Bright HealthCare Member Services at 877-710-3882 choose a provider and make an appointment - it's that simple!

More Medicare Advantage benefits you'll want to take advantage of:


  • One no-added-cost Annual Wellness Visit
  • One no-added-cost routine eye exam
  • One no-added-cost hearing exam
  • Telemedicine services (primary, urgent care and mental health) through DocSquad
  • MA plans with transportation included will have unlimited rides to approved locations in 2021 Transportation

Information reflects the current plan year. The information displayed in this website is not a complete description of benefits. Please create an account on the Member Hub to see your full Summary of Benefits.