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Who are Health Insurance Marketplace navigators & certified assisters?

Navigators are trained and paid by the federal government. Their goal is simple: to help you find the coverage that best fits you... at no cost to you on the federal Marketplace, or exchange,!

They are well versed on how works as well as in Medicaid, CHIP, and all Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, Marketplace plans. This makes them a great resource when you are choosing a health plan - and looking to get subsidies to help pay for it.

Marketplace navigators and certified assisters can aid you by:

  • Seeing if you qualify for a Special Enrollment
  • Answering questions and helping complete applications for health insurance
  • Helping find out if you qualify for financial help, or subsidies
  • Helping you choose a plan that fits your needs and budget
  • Working with you to help you understand your coverage
  • Assist with complicated situations, such as when one family member receives public assistance and others do not
  • Conducting outreach and education about the new health coverage options

There are dozens of navigators and assisters ready to help at no charge to you.

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So, why do Marketplace navigators want to help me?

Because navigators and assisters (who typically vary by level of training) predominately come from a social work or non-profit background, they are motivated by connecting consumers to the insurance that best fits them, by eliminating the number of uninsured consumers and serving a population that is often underserved.

What does a navigator’s job look like?

Despite continuous federal cuts, navigators frequently work 80 hours per week during Open Enrollment. They often divide their time between active outreach (driving to prisons, shelters, etc.) and enrollment events. They are people who like to help people.

What is Bright HealthCare’s connection to navigators?

We don’t really have any. We just firmly believe in our plans, pricing, service, and Care Partner relationships. We want to ensure that you are getting the best plan for the best price. And we know all too well that buying health insurance can be overwhelming, so we strongly encourage you to use these free resources.

When you are ready to meet with a navigator.

Be sure to bring documents that can prove your identity, U.S. Citizenship and/or Immigration Status, and Date of Birth. Citizen children who provide a social security number are not required to provide identity or citizenship documentation if eligible for Child Health Plus. You also will be asked to provide your estimated yearly income.

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