How to Renew Your Bright HealthCare Insurance Plan

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Get started with your Bright HealthCare plan renewal or talk with someone about changing your Bright HealthCare plan.

Just call us at 855-827-4448.



Not sure about the status of your current Bright HealthCare plan for next year?

We send letters in the fall that explain the status of your specific plan, but in case the information is not handy, or you have additional questions, contact our customer service team at 855-827-4448, or your health insurance agent or broker.

*Some members may need to provide additional information to their state or federal marketplace in order to renew their plan.

By entering my phone number, I agree that Bright HealthCare and/or a sales agent may call me 8am - 8pm local time M-F, provide me with information about the plan, and answer any questions I may have.