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Possibly the most challenging part of buying healthcare coverage is deciding which plan is best for you. Two main things to consider when making the choice:

  • How often do you expect to use your plan?
  • How much predictability would you like in your healthcare budget?


Gold Plans

Generous coverage & predictable costs

Best for: People who expect to use their coverage often: ongoing prescriptions, frequent provider visits, etc. Most benefits have copays, so costs are more predictable.


Silver Plans

Moderate premiums and costs

Best for: Those who expect to use their plans occasionally, and would like lower deductibles and more benefits than a Bronze plan.


Bronze Plans

Lower premiums and higher costs with use

Best for: Healthy individuals who want to minimize their monthly premiums and are comfortable with the risk of a higher deductible in the event of a high-cost health incident.


Catastrophic Plans

Lowest premiums

Best for: Those under age 30 who desire low premiums and expect minimal medical incidents. Coverage includes 3 primary care visits, then no other benefits until the maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP) is reached.

IFP Special Enrollment
IFP Special Enrollment

Life has changed a lot in the last year. Let’s get you covered!

As COVID-19 continues to change life as we know it, the federal government has reopened the insurance marketplace for a Special Enrollment Period. If your circumstances have been affected by COVID-19 — or you need insurance for any other reason right now — check out our plans.

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*Some plan options may not be available in Alabama

*Benefits listed are not included on all plans. $0 or $1 premium does not apply to all plans. Contact Bright HealthCare to see if you qualify.

*Pediatric Dental coverage included with all Bright HealthCare Individual Plans for children up to age 19.

*According to , currently 9 out of 10 consumers enrolled in coverage through HealthCare.gov receive financial help