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Steps after your first payment

I made my first payment... Now I have questions

Where is my ID card?

We’ll mail your ID card after your initial payment. If you've already made your initial payment, keep an eye out for your Welcome Kit in the mail in 10-14 business days (which will include your new ID card).

You can also view and print out a digital version of your ID card in the Member Hub.

View ID Card Instructions Here:

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How do I set up automatic payments?

After you’ve submitted your first payment, you’ll need to wait 3-5 business days before following these steps.

If you have not registered your Member Hub account:

  1. Register your Member Hub account
  2. Click “Pay My Bill” at the top right
  3. Follow the “Billing” link in the upper right corner of the next screen
  4. Select “Setup recurring payments” to provide your banking information

If you have already registered a Member Hub account:

  1. Log in to the Member Hub
  2. You should arrive directly in your billing portal if you use the link above
  3. Click "Schedule Payment" to enroll in autopay

Please wait 2-3 business days for our systems to update your autopay status.

View Payment Instructions Here:

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How do I log in to Member Hub?

As a first-time user, you’ll need to register, then you can just log in after that. Register or log in to Member Hub at


  • You'll need to have your Member ID.
  • Names must be entered EXACTLY as it was entered on enrollment application
  • Spouses and dependents can create their own Member Hub account by checking the "Are you a dependent?" box and entering their First Name and Date of Birth. They will also be required to enter the Member ID number, Policy Holder's Name and Date of Birth to complete account registration.

Finding Your Member ID

If your payment has cleared but you haven't received your ID card yet, you can use the Member Lookup Tool to find your Member ID.

View ID Card Instructions Here:

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