Women's Health Spotlight

The best way to be there for the ones who depend on you: take care of yourself first.

With the world changing what seems like several times a day, it’s easy to get distracted. Even simple things like watering the lawn and buying more dog food can slip your mind when you’re focused on masks, social distancing, and the latest statistics. Especially now, one thing that shouldn’t slip your mind is your own good health.

Preventive care involves taking care of yourself day after day. Eating well and exercising are part of the picture, and so are health screenings. Catching and treating diseases early is key to getting the best results. Examinations for signs of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and tests like mammograms are an important part of any wellness plan. Prefer not to go out right now? Thanks to the many telehealth options out there, you can visit the doctor without leaving home.

Right now COVID-19 has the worldwide spotlight, but remember this: according to the Centers for Disease Control, chronic conditions account for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the United States. Many are largely preventable or may be reversed through close partnerships between you and your provider. There are also many cancers that can be detected early through appropriate screenings when treatment can work best. Click here  for a downloadable PDF of important health screenings, immunizations and more for all adults.

As a woman, there are some important, additional things to keep in mind. Whether you plan to have children in the future, had your family long ago, or never plan to, your reproductive health matters! Click here to keep track of all the tests, screenings and immunizations you need to stay healthy.

By printing or saving these charts and following the suggestions, you’re one step closer to your healthiest “you.”

Author: Stephanie Sample

July 22, 2020