5 tips for welcoming a new baby into your life

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Bringing new life into the world is a special time, but that radiant glow can be overshadowed by a long list of preparations to complete. It can be tough to find the right place to start, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing some of the work for you.

Make the most of this special milestone with these tips for welcoming a new baby into your life.

Financial planning

A big concern for new parents is how much their new arrival is going to cost. Wanting to provide for your new baby is a fierce paternal and maternal instinct, and it’s better to plan ahead than to wait. Make sure to review your monthly and yearly budgets to make sure you have the essentials covered. We’ve found a great resource that will walk you through creating a nine-month plan for getting your family’s finances in order .

Focus on more than just prenatal care

Not only will you need to ensure that your coverage is in order during the stages of the pregnancy, once your little one arrives, they will need health insurance, too. Find the plan that’s most feasible for your family, though keep in mind, your Bright Health insurance can start the day your baby is born, even if you enroll in the plan up to 60 days afterwards. Nothing is more important the health of your baby, and we want to support you every step of the way.

Baby-proof the house

This important step might not even have crossed your mind yet; after all, your baby won’t be able to roll over or move on its own for a while. But why not get a head start so that when that magical moment happens, you don’t have to dampen it by worrying about injury. It’s important to keep in mind that not having the proper baby items will also increase the risk of something not going according to plan; if you try to jerry-rig a bathtub or ill-fitting car seat to suit your needs, you might not get the results you intend. This helpful guide from the Baby Center  has an extensive list of baby proofing tips to keep your house safe.

Check your local library

To prepare for your new arrival, you’ll likely be doing a lot of reading. Researching is part and parcel of being a new parent, and your local library is a valuable, and free resource. Save your money for a baby memorabilia book rather than a Parenting 101 book and flash that library card! Your local library is a resource that keeps on giving; from ebooks to activities and classes, you’ll never be left wanting.

Invest in your child’s future early

Invest in stocks for your child, or set up a savings account. Even though it seems far away, there’s no such thing as being ‘too early’ when it comes to preparing for your child’s future. Whether that future includes college or a car, or something else entirely, putting money aside for your child will not only give you peace of mind, but it’s something your child will appreciate further down the line. We’ve found a helpful article that outlines the intricacies of saving  milestones while also keeping your own financial needs in mind.

Author: Taylor Werdel

May 11, 2018