The Food Frontier: Biju Thomas Q&A

Among the seemingly countless breweries and restaurants popping up, RiNo is an oasis offering some of the best Indian food in Denver. Biju’s Little Curry Shop , owned and operated by chef Biju Thomas, offers colorful and delicious food perfect to jump-start any Colorado afternoon.

After spending the majority of the first 10 years of his life in southern India before returning to the Highlands neighborhood of Denver in 1980, Biju is putting his food-IQ to use. He developed the menu at Biju’s Little Curry Shop with recipes from his childhood in the southern Indian State of Kerala and found a way to combine his passion for cycling with his love of food.

In 2011, he combined these two loves with the first The Feed Zone Cookbook , which features recipes specifically designed for athletes and active lifestyles. “As a restaurateur, athlete and chef with a background in sports and cooking for some of the best athletes in the world. I’ve learned first-hand that food must not only taste great and make you feel good while you eat, but should make you feel great later in the day also.”

Athletes aren’t the only ones demanding healthy, filling options on the menu. People across the country are looking for great-tasting food that will sustain them throughout the day and contribute to their overall well-being. And to achieve this goal, you must start in the kitchen.

“Poor options in food are due to shortcuts taken by kitchens to make food feel and taste great while you are in the restaurant. The addition of extra salt, sugar, cream, butter, wheat, thickeners and synthetic flavors make it amazing while eating, but not super great afterwards.”

Now with three locations, and a fourth opening in February spread from Denver to Boulder, Biju’s Little Curry Shop is tapping into a growing trend in the Colorado food scene. Restaurants and food services are responding to customers’ demand for unique, healthy and great-tasting foods.

Biju knew that the demand for this type of food was out there and hasn’t looked back since. “I’ve spent years thinking about food – cooking, eating, cooking for people and eating with people of all walks [of life].” Thomas said. “We all want the same thing: feel great, be healthy, and enjoy active lives with our friends and families.”

So take it from a bona fide food expert: the journey to your Bright Life begins in the kitchen.

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Author: Stephanie Sample

November 18, 2016