Spring clean your work-world: Six questions to ask yourself to achieve an organized desk once and for all

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Do your lofty desk organization goals have the same fate as common New Year’s resolutions? You have the best of intentions every Monday morning, but by Friday afternoon you find yourself buried in stacks of papers and a mindset that seems as cluttered as your desk.

As our weeks fill up with meetings and unanticipated projects, desk organization is often bumped to last priority. But, the more the desk piles grow, the more overwhelmed we feel. While there is no one perfect desk layout for every employee, there are ways to stay organized and make your desk work for you.

Ask yourself these five questions to achieve an organized desk and positive mindset for a productive work day, every day.

  1. Do I need this?

Ask yourself if an item is really needed. When was the last time you referenced it? What is the likelihood you will need it in the future? If you don’t really need an item, toss it. Don’t hang on to something just because you think there is a slight chance you’ll reference it one day—chances are you’ll forget its shoved in the back of your filing cabinet.

  1. Does everything on my desk serve a purpose?

Desks are often the accumulation site for random office tchotchkes, unused holiday presents and leftover props. Everything on your desk should either serve a purpose, such as a stapler, or bring you joy, such as a framed picture of your friends or family. If an item doesn’t do either, it doesn’t belong on your desk.

  1. Is my desk clean?

Keeping your desk and workspace clean in key. Even if your desk is clutter free and you have access to all the things you need, it can still be problematic if it’s dirty. Setting aside time on a regular basis to dust, wipe down, etc., will go a long way in making yourself comfortable in your space. Not to mention it can help enhance the function of the ever-important electronics as dust can become an issue if not addressed.

  1. What are my daily essentials?

Office accessories that are used every day should be easily accessible. Aim to organize daily necessities in order of how often you need them throughout the day. For example, stationary, pens and a laptop need to be within arm’s reach, while a printer and filing system can be positioned further away.

  1. Can I get this somewhere else?

With ample digital storage options today, there is no need to keep hard copies of every single document. Unless something absolutely needs to be stored in print form, save items digitally to clear out space

  1. Does my desk make me happy?

Once you’ve thrown out unnecessary items and organized your desktop, ask yourself if your desk makes you happy. If not quite, try decorating with some pictures that elicit happy memories, plants that are soothing or a favorite scented candle.

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Author: Stephanie Sample

March 7, 2017