Prescription savings for Bright Health members: what you need to know

Picture of a prescription medication bottle

When you need a medication, the last thing you need is the stress of a big price tag or the hassle running out to the pharmacy. We’ve got solutions for both, so you can focus on feeling your best.

1) Sign up for mail order pharmacy: For medications you take regularly, mail-order can be a time- and cost-saver. Copays are often lower, and you don’t need to take a trip to the pharmacy.

2) Ask if 90-day fills are available: Many drugs prescribed on an ongoing basis have the option of being filled for 3 months at a time, instead of only one. Copays are often lower, and you can save multiple trips to the pharmacy.

3) Ask for the Generic drug: With the same active ingredients as name-brand drugs, generics are just as effective and significantly less expensive. It’s always worth asking your doctor if there is a generic version of any drug you are prescribed. Check out the formulary to see what’s covered.

4) Use in-network pharmacies: Make sure you’re using one of the 65,000+ an in-network pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

We hope these time and cost saving tips are helpful to you.

We love helping our members save big and feel better! To get started, log in to EnvisionRx through the Member Hub or call EnvisionRx to discuss cost saving opportunities on your prescriptions at 1-866-909-5170 or TTY 711.

Author: Stephanie Sample

February 4, 2020