New Year’s peace of mind

As the new year begins, people often think of financial, career or relationship resolutions—but what about making mindfulness a priority? Here are some helpful tips from Debora Colbert , Ph.D., co-founder of Center for Mindfulness at Colorado State University, to get yourself in the habit of practicing mindfulness and meditation in 2017.

Just breathe

It’s important to take time for yourself and pause throughout the day to be mindful of your breath. Try a few minutes of mindfulness breathing exercises. Slow each breath inhale and exhale while becoming aware of, and paying attention to, your breath in the moment, letting go of all other thoughts.

Small steps

The beginning of the new year can bring pressure to set big resolutions that stereotypically focus on more negative personal habits. Dr. Colbert finds being mindful and setting small, positive challenges are easier to integrate into daily life and help in big ways. If you want more time with your breath, try a restorative yoga class. This type of class will give you a workout program that is easier to stick with in the long run.

Attitude of gratitude

Start each day something that makes you smile or laugh. Show yourself appreciation and loving kindness for being uniquely you. Each day, think about one thing you’re thankful for; by recognizing just one thing you’re thankful for, you can change your outlook on the day. By logging these positive moments, it trains us to both cultivate more of these moments and let them reverberate more throughout the day. In other words, we will remember our day based on what caused us to laugh and smile, rather than what was frustrating.

Mindful Meals

Meal times should be an opportunity to savor and enjoy your food. Pause and take time to eat, explore the textures, colors and smells of your food. Take small bites and pay attention to the taste and the sensation of chewing while noticing any thoughts or emotions that come up around eating, without judgment.

Author: Stephanie Sample

January 3, 2017