Let them eat cake: Advice on balancing healthy activities with your favorite rewards

People's legs as they rollerblade

Life is a balancing act.

Balancing difficult tasks at work. Balancing a busy social schedule. Balancing your financials. Sometimes we’re so busy it’s a wonder we even stay balanced on our own two feet! Perhaps the greatest balancing act for many of us is that between a healthy lifestyle and rewarding yourself with a sweet treat (or two!) outside your typical balanced diet .

Our Bright Health team members don’t shy away from finding balance in their own lives. Here’s how they balance clean living with letting loose everyone once in a while. Bright On!

Josh (design) splashes head-first into a healthy life
“Finding ways to reward myself for making healthy choices was always a challenge. I often fell back to unhealthy rewards, or found it too easy to just forego the healthy choice and head straight to the reward. Ultimately, I changed my approach and began finding healthy activities that were so fun and engaging that they became the reward. For me, those activities are paddle boarding, swimming, scuba diving and just about anything water-related. In the winter, I travel as a reward to keep me in or on the water year-round.”

Laura (project management) enjoys a little guilt-free “me time”
“If I eat healthy during the work week, I reward myself by doing something just for me on the weekend. Sometimes that’s a manicure, a little shopping trip or some Netflix! And if I get a craving during the week that I just can’t kick, I’ll opt for a healthier treat that tastes pretty great – like a frozen banana topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. I also try to switch up my daily workouts to keep me motivated. This summer I bought rollerblades to challenge myself and do something different than just running!”

Meghan (care partner integration) heads straight for her hobbies
“Growing up a competitive swimmer, I’ve found that my favorite healthy activities also tend to be my favorite hobbies. The sense of accomplishment and time to disconnect from the day’s stresses is very rewarding. That being said – I have a weakness for baked goods and love that I can enjoy these indulgences knowing that I have a balance.”

Michelle (experience) socializes AND exercises
“Rewarding myself while working out is the key to staying motivated. I reward myself by enjoying the sunshine and catching some vitamin D along with socializing with my friends during stressful and busy times. Socializing while exercising is my happy hour and I always feel rewarded having complete a great workout. So, go out, grab a friend, soak up and sun and have fun!”

Who said the gym is the only place that helps you balance a healthy lifestyle? Get moving in the great outdoors, too!

Author: Stephanie Sample

August 22, 2017