Know where to go

Coughing, sneezing, and running through tissues faster than you can buy them? Is it time to visit the ER? Probably not. At Bright Health we want to help make healthcare simpler and more affordable, and one of the best ways you can do that is to save Emergency Room visits for true emergencies.

1.) Knowing the level of care you need is key to managing your medical costs. Many trips to the Emergency Room are for conditions easily diagnosed and treated by your Primary Doctor or if after hours, Urgent Care.

A study of the prices of ER visits for the top 10 conditions found a range of $19 all the way up to $17,421. Urinary tract infection charges were even more dramatic: $50 to $73,002!* Knowing where to go—and staying in network—can literally save you thousands.

2.) When deciding where to go, remember staying in network is a sure way to keep your costs down. Except in emergency situations, your own Primary Care Doctor is always a good first call. For those times you can’t easily connect, we make your options easy with a simple-to-access Provider Finder tool (MA members click here; IFP members click here), helpful Member Service, helpful Member Service staff, and Care Navigators. Care Navigators are here to help you find the right level of in-network care, and even schedule your appointments for you.

These quick tips are a helpful starting point, but when in doubt, there is no better contact than your own doctor’s office. They know you, know your history, and can give you the personalized care and advice you deserve. We’re also here to help. As we said before, it’s why we’re here.


Author: Stephanie Sample

January 15, 2020