Bright Health joins the Healthy Living Coalition

Bright Health joins the Healthy Living Coalition

Embedded within our commitment to making healthcare right, together is a desire to do what we can to foster healthy communities. Nutrition is a cornerstone of good health, and we are proud to announce our founding partnership with the Healthy Living Coalition. The HLC is dedicated to making progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: specifically, the goal of Zero Hunger. Here’s how:


• Improving the availability of nutritious food by making good food available, accessible, and affordable to underserved communities.

• Making nutritious food a priority by providing nutrition education and resources for healthy living to people in need.


The decision to get involved was an easy one. “At Bright Health, we serve a diverse and sometimes vulnerable population that may not always have access to good food when they need it. We know first-hand the impact that high-quality nutrition has on overall health and are proud to further our commitment to supporting healthy communities through this partnership.” -Tom Valdivia, M.D., Chief Health Officer and Co-founder


As a healthcare company, we are particularly aware of and concerned by the effect COVID-19 is having on food-insecure households, making them more susceptible to its devastating effects . In the US alone, 35.2 million people lived in food-insecure households in 2019, and according to Feeding America, that number could rise by 17.1 million as a result of the pandemic. We simply must help.


Just as we all deserve affordable healthcare, we all deserve access to nutritious food. We’re thrilled to be part of this coalition, and look forward to sharing its progress with you.



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Author: Stephanie Sample

October 17, 2020