Health insurance 101: in-network versus out-of-network

Top view of family paper chain on a doctor desk. Medical worktable with keyboard, blue stethoscope, pills and eyeglasses. Family healthcare, medicine and insurance concept.

We’re continuing our health insurance 101 series, where we discuss frequently asked questions about health insurance. See our first educational health insurance 101 blog on aligned care here.

In this edition, we’re talking about the importance of understanding the healthcare terms, “in-network” and “out-of-network”.


So, what is a network anyway? Your network is the group of care providers that are covered under your Bright health plan.

These are the people and places that offer Bright Health plan members competitive rates. By partnering with Centura Health, Colorado Health Neighborhoods and others, we help our members have access to an extensive network of great doctors, making staying in-network easy.

If you’re a Bright Health member, here’s a birds eye view of your network:



Doctors or facilities that are not covered under your Bright Health plan are deemed out-of-network that will likely cost you more, and in most cases, will not be covered by your plan.

Always be sure the doctor or facility you’re visiting for medical care is in-network before you schedule an appointment. If you have questions about our coverage area for members or want to find an in-network physician, visit the Member Hub and browse our network of providers in the Provider Finder, OR call our Care Navigators at 1-855-927-4448.

So, why stay in-network?

Staying in-network means you get the most personalized, affordable, and coordinated care. Like we mentioned above, Bright has negotiated competitive rates with these doctors and providers, rates that members won’t have access to if they see providers outside of the Bright network. In addition, with all of your providers under the Bright network umbrella, it makes communicating between them and coordinating your care simpler and more effective than if your providers were spread across different networks.

Author: Stephanie Sample

April 4, 2017