Fall activities that will keep your family active

There is always more than one way to enjoy a season, and with the arrival of autumn there is no shortage of family-friendly activities that will have you enjoying the brisk fall air and reaping the benefits of time well spent with your loved ones. Get started planning your festive fun with these fall activities that go great with a warm cup of apple cider.

Bring the fall harvest to your table.

Skip the grocery store and instead visit your local orchard or pumpkin patch. Apples and pumpkins are not only fun to pick, but they are also two seasonal superfoods that can make your fall evening meals healthy and festive. You can read more about the seasonal superfoods of fall. Orchards are fun for the whole family, and typically include activities like tractor pulls, hay bale playgrounds, and corn mazes, which keep both the mind and body active.

If there aren’t any orchards nearby, farmers markets will likely have plenty of fresh produce that you can bring to the dinner table. While commonly thought of as a summer activity, farmers markets often go well into autumn, offering an entirely new set of tasty treats for your perusal.

Go back to nature with a hike or camping trip.

What better place to witness the riotous colors of fall than on a hike? No matter your pace, hiking works your cardiovascular muscles, and being amongst nature can put you in the right state of mind to relieve stress and be happier.

If you’re looking for a place to stretch your legs, why not check out your local or state parks? Clearly marked trails can keep you on the safest, and most likely the most beautiful sections of the park.

Many parks also offer camp sites that the whole family can enjoy. Embracing the outdoors cuts down screen time and has the added benefit of providing you with plenty of Vitamin D. And that brisk fall air? Extra healthy. By leaving the city for a while, you’re freeing your body of excess CO2 and other harmful gasses. More trees equals more clean oxygen. What’s not to love about that?

**Get the neighborhood together.


Nothing quite says fall like a campfire and lawn games – so extend a hand over the fence and invite your neighbors for a fall festive cookout and game of bocce ball. Need something to keep the kids busy? Set them off on a scavenger hunt – there are plenty of things to collect and find, and this guide  has several lists you can pick and choose from for the perfect hunt.

Have a projector at home? Once it gets dark enough, grab a bed sheet, pin it against the side of the house and host an outdoor movie night! Spread out a flannel blanket under the stars and enjoy the spooky thrills of a classic Halloween film.

Bring your lawn to life with a scarecrow.

Another fall favorite, putting together your very own straw man is an activity that will delight and spook in equal measure. Here are a few fun tips to take your scarecrow building to the next level:

  • If you don’t have any straw available, why not try some of the leaves that are scattered across the lawn?
  • Having trouble finding a wardrobe for your straw friend? Check out your local Goodwill – you’ll be able to find clothing that can stand a little wear-and-tear for relatively low prices.
  • A scarecrow doesn’t have to be a stuffed shirt and a straw hat. It certainly can be, but embracing the spirit of the season means the possibilities are endless! There is no wrong way to make a scarecrow.

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary?

Try a family horseback riding excursion! As your horse’s hooves crunch over fallen leaves, seasoned guides and professionals can lead your family on an immersive trek through the local scenery. You can enjoy being out in the sun while building core strength, and while you might be a bit saddle sore the next day, it will be well-worth it for this unique and enjoyable experience.

Author: Taylor Werdel

October 11, 2017