Behind the scenes at Bright Health: October

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We strive to be better at better – whatever your health needs, we strive to put them first. We know that our team members is crucial to our success. That’s why we value our unique workplace culture; because at the end of the day, it brings out the best in our employees. We thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look at the activities that make our team members shine, and highlight a few of the reasons of why we were named to Great Place to Work’s 2017 Best Small & Medium Workplaces list .

Great challenges: Twin Cities Marathon

Support is in our DNA. Whether it be to find you the best plan for your budget or finding providers who care, we’re happy to assist you in any way we can. The same can be said about our team members; we love to help our fellow Bright friends soar to new heights, both in their work and personal lives. On October 1, twelve members of our Bright team participated in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, and several other team members went to cheer them on!

Ryan (Technology) on his experience:
“Meghan [our VP Bright Product] convinced me to do it. She brought up how fun it would be to create a Bright team and run the marathon with friends from Bright… I had never run any race, 5k, or 10k and I thought it would be a fun challenge. One of the few fears I have is running long distance (for those who know me this might come as a surprise). I saw it as an opportunity to overcome a fear by diving right into the deep end.”

“There was a great deal of support from people who signed up and those who didn’t. We had fun posting pics of feeling miserable after long workouts and the words of encouragement received throughout the last couple months leading up to the marathon. Honestly, if it weren’t for the support of some great friends at Bright, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with running it.”

“The marathon was such an interesting experience for me. The first 18 miles or so felt great… then came the hard part. I learned a lot about myself battling through the feeling of quit that crept in during the final six miles. Before the race, I wrote on my arm “Finish out today, quit tomorrow” which became my motto the last six miles of the race. Seeing a crew of Bright friends cheering us on down the home stretch was also a great boost of last minute motivation. It was an extremely memorable moment and I’m so happy I participated and finished.”

Great pride: Blood Drive for Hurricane Harvey

We take pride in what we do; and not just for our members, but for our local and national communities, too. Our commitment to service extends beyond the office, and this past month, we found ourselves donating blood to hurricane-effected areas, and donating food in an annual food drive.

We can all do our part to help those affected by #HurricaneHarvey , and our employees have donated to the cause! 

— Bright Health Plan (@MyBrightHealth) September 8, 2017 

Brian on donating blood to the cause:
“For me it was pretty simple. When Bright Health organized the opportunity to actually do something immediate and tangible to help those impacted by the hurricane, it was simple to take my lunchtime and act. In addition to knowing that I did something more than express my concern on Facebook for those impacted, it was an opportunity to model behavior for my children about how many people taking small actions can have a big impact.”

Maura (People) on her personal connections to Hurricane Harvey:
“I was actually in NYC during Hurricane Sandy. My mother works in hospital operations and I saw first-hand how the disruption to power and the ensuing damage to some of the facilities affected patient care. After Harvey, our team talked about how we might be able to support Texans. We saw that blood banks were closed in TX after the storm and there was a real need for blood to support those in Houston area hospitals.”

Amy (People) on getting out into the community:
“As someone on the People team, I’m constantly jumping at the chance to rally a group of people around any common thread. Someone (I believe Maura) had the idea to donate blood, and I had recently had a delightful experience with Memorial Blood Center when I visited their booth at the State Fair. They were fantastic about blood donation education and its importance. I called them up that morning and booked a 3-hour block for Brighters – it was incredibly impromptu, but sometimes those whims are pretty easy to fulfill, especially for a good cause.”

As you can see, our Brighters are hard at work both in the office, and outside it. Stay tuned for more updates on our Bright team, and if this sounds like the workspace for you, check out our available job openings.

“This team loves getting together outside of the office for social and service functions. It’s always great fun to step away from our day jobs and connect with each other on a personal level and discuss what’s new in our lives.” – Maura McGinn

Author: Taylor Werdel

November 13, 2017